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American Ginseng Pill

American Ginseng Pill

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American Ginseng, in contrast to the Chinese & Siberian Ginseng, is of cold property. Therefore, it can provide the benefit of the other types of Ginseng without creating heat, which proves too strong for many individuals.

Historic Overview: The term "ginseng" is derived from the Chinese "ren shen", because it is shaped like a man (ren). The Chinese regard ginseng as the most important of the Qi tonics.

Exceptional Health Promoting Properties: The Chinese have always regarded ginseng invaluable for longevity. Ginseng acts in the pituitary and stimulates the adrenal gland, thus increasing the body's resistance to harmful stimulation or stress. It is particularly valuable because of it's ability to both tonify the Qi and generate body fluid.

For fatigue, low energy, stress, shortness of breath, lowered immunity, susceptibility to common colds or flu, weakness or debility due to aging, illness, chemotherapy, radiation, or other stresses. Take two (2) to four (4) capsules daily. Each 500mg capsule contains: 100% Panacis Quinquefolii Radix (American Ginseng Powder). Package: 100 capsules per bottle.

American Ginseng's Effect on the Body:

  • American Ginseng enhances physiologic activites - As a tonic, this herb works to stimulate the body. It can increase metabolism, promote healthy nervous interactions, and help the body with it's goal of homeostasis.
  • Promotes adaptive ability - As an adaptogenic it also strengthens the body's ability to adjust to enviromental changes and has significant anti-fatigue effect.
  • Increases oxygen utilization - By strengthening respiratory capacity, oxygen will be more available to the body. By promoting both metabolism and cellular activies there will be a subsequent increase in oxygen absorption. Both of these processes are stimulated with the use of Qi tonics.

The Major Uses of American Ginseng:

American Ginseng is widely used for deficient constitions and for general health maintenance. The Ginseng root has long been cherished as a disease-preventive and life preserving herb. American Ginseng is said to:

  • Tonify Qi - American Ginseng has the function of tonifying the Qi and increaseing energy levels. As a Qi tonic, it can promote and help regulate the body's normal physiologic activities. This is a very important herb to provide vitality to those in a weak or debilitated condition.
  • Generate body fluids - In part, this herb's fame comes from it's ability to both tonify the Qi and nourish the body fluids. Very often, chronic and dedilitating disease may be accompanied by dryness of the body's tissues. American Ginseng's moistening properties can be advantageous in such cases.
  • Enhance immunity - By tonifying the Qi and generating body fluids. American Ginseng can provide for a strong adaptive quality. This is of benefit when a person is undergoing stress or is burdened with overworking. Increased adaptability helps the immune system to stay strong responsive.
  • Resist fatigue - When the Qi is strong and the body is sufficiently moist, the vitality will flourish. The adaptogenic properties of American Ginseng help keep the damages of stress to a minimum and strenghtens the ability of the body to cope with pressure. When vitality is strong, fatique can be resisted.

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