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Immune Support

Immune Support

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Taking preventive measures against illness is the basic therapeutic principle of traditional Chinese medicine. Normal immunity is important for maintaining good health and providing protection from diseases. Unfortunately, lifestyle choices and the environment challenge the present state of human immunity. Chemical pollution, fast-paced rhythm of life, as well as various types of either mental or physical stresses strongly suppress the immune system and lead to immune deficiency. Immune Booster is a new, natural supplement designed to enhance the immune system. By integrating Eastern and Western herbal essences, as well as vitamins and minerals, Immune Booster stimulates both cellular and humoral immunity, thereby protecting the body from bacterial and viral invasions.

Astragalus root, one of the main ingredients of this formula, is the most popular Chinese herb used to enhance immunity due to its multiple beneficial effects on the immune system. It increases not only reticuloendothelial phagocytosis but also the formation of antibodies.

Eleuthero root is traditionally characterized as a tonic for invigoration and fortification in times of fatigue, debility, or declining capacity for work and concentration. Moreover, it also augments the activity of cytolytic lymphocytes (CTL) and macrophages, increases the lymphocyte count, and stimulates the formation of interferon and antibodies. In addition to their effectiveness in strengthening human immunity, both Astragalus root and Eleuthero root are used as adaptogens to modulate stress and improve one’s performance under a wide variety of stressful conditions.

Echinacea purpurea (whole plant) is a Western herb well known for its immune-stimulating ability. Main claims for pharmacological activity of Echinacea purpurea include an increase in granulocytes in the blood, amplification of phagocytic performance by granulocytes and macrophages, inhibition of viral production, activation of cytokins (such as interleukin 1), and an elevation of T lymphocyte count.

Lycium fruit and Reishi fruiting body have been added to the formulation due to their extensive immune-strengthening nature.

In addition to the herbs, Immune Booster includes vitamins A an C, zinc, and copper. Vitamins A and C play direct roles in fortifying immunity. A proper amount of vitamin A is required for the maintenance of normal cellular immunity, and the phagocytic activity of white blood cells is related to the plasma level of vitamin C. Furthermore, vitamin C serves as an antioxidant whenever the immune system becomes active. Lastly, zinc and copper are important elements in promoting a healthy immune system.


Lowered immunity, immunodeficiency disorders, susceptibility to colds and flus.



  • Boosts both cellular and humoral immunity
  • Increases body’s adaption in various types of stresses
  • Enhances vitality


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