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Red Moon Herbs

To ensure optimum potency, our herbs are lovingly handcrafted in small batches. We harvest the plants at the peak of their potency by following the cycles of moon, season, and weather.
We always choose the common, abundant plants that grow nearby over rare, exotic, or endangered plants with similar actions. We harvest from pristine natural settings in fields and forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Herbs we cannot find in our area are provided by other conscientious wildcrafters and growers using natural or certified organic methods.
Only the freshest plant material is used. Since we work with plants that grow right around us, we transform them directly from vibrant living plants to brewing extracts. In contrast, the vast majority of herbal products today are made from dried plant material that has been shipped long distances and often stored for a long time.
Our commitment to preserving the earth’s natural resources guides all our wildcrafting techniques, and the stands we return to each year flourish under these practices. Our apothecary and offices are completely off-grid, powered by solar electricity, housed in a green building built with timber from the land at Earthaven Ecovillage. We also use recycled office products whenever possible, including all of our packing material.
We use only the highest quality menstruums: organic grain alcohol, organic vinegar, and pure olive oil. All of our oils are made by a cold extraction process. They are never exposed to the heat that can degrade them like many salves and oils are in the herb industry.
Our tinctures and vinegars steep for at least six weeks, rather than the two-week industry standard, allowing a fuller range of constituents to infuse.
Our deep rapport and communication with the plants invite their spirits to enrich the medicines. 

All this, and we follow FDA Good Manufacturing Practices for our manufacturing protocols and recordkeeping.