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Shilianhua (Rock Lotus) Anti-Diabetic


The anti-diabetic Shilianhua (or Rock Lotus) is manufactured in the U.S.A. in a simple and straightforward way, mainly using a natural source – Shilianhua. Shilianhua has no toxicity, and may be highly effective in reducing blood sugar for diabetics, particularly non-insulin dependent diabetics, without causing any undesirable side effects. In addition, some herbal remedies and nutritional supplements are used in conjunction with the Shilianhua tablet in order to enhance the desired function. The main function of Shilianhua to the human body is to improve the function of the pancreas that controls blood sugar.

The raw material Shilianhua used for the major function of the herbal supplement is a wild plant. This plant grows in the mountain areas of Bama county located in southwest China. The Bama county is famous for its people’s longevity and called the “home of Longevity”. There are 81 men and women who are over one hundred years old in the county, and amazingly, these elders are nearly all in good health. Bama people look younger than their age, even their horses live 7-10 years longer than elsewhere in China. One of the most important secrets which lead to the Bama people’s longevity is that they like to eat the plant Shilianflia in their daily life. The health benefit of Shilianhua to the human body was found through more than a decade of studies carried out by the Life Science Institute of Beijing University.

Treatment and prevention of diabetes by lowering blood sugar can be practiced by daily administration of about 50 -100mg of Shilianhua DSP power (4 -6 tablets daily). Medical studies and clinic experience in both China and Japan have shown a small dose of 4 -6 Shilianhua tablets daily can lower blood sugar values from 300(mg/dl) to 125(mg/dl) in just 2 -3 weeks.

Due to its effective in lowering blood sugar for diabetics, in 1994 the Shilianhua herbal supplement has been authorized a patent (Patent No. 1825088) in Japan, and has since been manufactured by two Japanese companies to make products for the Japanese market. Also, Shilianhua herbal supplement for anti-diabetes treatment has obtained an U.S.A. patent in 1999 (Patent No. 5911993).

2-3 tablets, 2 times a day, preferably one hour before meals.


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