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Probatanixx by Sun Ten Corporation

Sun Ten Herbs is the largest manufacturer of Chinese herbs in the U.S. and one of the largest in the world. Their state of the art manufacturing facility in Irvine California produces pure and superior quality single herbs, and classical formulas in capsules, tablets, and granules. The Sun Ten products bring the ancient, time-tested herbal formulas to the modern world.

Sun Ten carries the most extensive line of traditional Chinese herbal formulas in the states and abroad. The Practitioners and Patients we serve assert consistent and effective results from the products. Sun Ten Herbs specially trains team members in the field to select only the highest quality raw materials. Along with the Traditional Formulas, Sun Ten offers two other lines: Healthy & Natural and Probotanixx. Healthy and Natural combines Chinese herbs with other nutritionals, for modern applications. Probotanixx is a line of 39 Chinese herb formulas which address the most common ailments of contemporary lifestyles. The classical formulas of Sun Ten are recognizable to all Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.