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Great Yin

Great Yin

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New Great Yin is based on the formula Da Bu Yin. Th e main ingredient is Rehmannia root (shu di huang) a sweet, bitter and cold herb that nourishes yin and produces fluids and clears heat. It is used traditionally in many formulas to strengthen kidney yin and for bleeding problems such as hematuria, epistaxis, and uterine bleeding. Lycium bark (di gu pi) cools the blood and drains kidney fire. It is used in formulas for night sweats, sweating, chronic low-grade fever, irritability, and thirst. According to Formulas and Strategies by Dan Bensky, lycium bark is very effective at treating sensations of heat from yin deficiency, sweating, and the sensation of heat being deep in the body or originating from the bones. In addition, it directs lung fire downward to stop cough, thirst, and restless irritability. Lycium bark is traditionally used in formulas for hot flashes (flushing), night sweats, and for bleeding associated with heat.

Phellodendron cortex (huang bai) is a bitter and cold herb that eliminates damp heat, subdues fire and clears heat caused by yin deficiency. Anemarrhena root (zhi mu) is a bitter, cold herb that purges fire in the lung and stomach and replenishes yin. It has been traditionally used for tuberculosis, chronic low fevers and back pain.

Note: Health Concerns New Great Yin is now a vegetarian formula. We have removed tortoise shell from the formula.

90 tablets - 750mg


Rehmannia (cooked) root - shu di huang
Lycium bark - di gu pi
Phellodendron cortex - huang bai
Anemarrhena root - zhi mu

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