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Flying Dragon Liniment

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Flying Dragon Liniment Flying Dragon Liniment was developed by Dr. Kath Bartlett, DACM, LAc. Dr. Bartlett was looking for an oil-based alternative to the alcohol-based liniments currently available. She found this prescription from a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) traumatologist in her files. Bartlett has been using this formula in her clinic for many years. Her patients love it and continually ask for more bottles for themselves, their friends and family. It makes a welcome gift for gardeners, sports enthusiasts, computer/office workers and seniors. Massage therapists will find that it improves their massages, and martial artists will appreciate the pain relief it offers. Because it is so reliably effective, acupuncturists will want to include it as an integral part of their treatment plans for bi (painful obstruction) syndrome. This is a dependable liniment that should be in everybody’s medicine cabinet.

Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) theory states that pain is caused by Qi (energy) and Blood not moving in the channels and muscle tissue. The herbs in this liniment are formulated to stop pain by warming and moving Qi and Blood in the affected area.

To use: Apply a small amount of the liniment to the affected area morning and evening, and throughout the day, as necessary. During activities such as exercise or physical work that aggravate the condition, apply directly before and after activity, and take a break midway to rest and re-apply the oil. The 4oz bottle will last a long while!

This liniment is made from herbs imported from China that are grown without pesticides or chemicals and processed without sulfites or preservatives. An herbalist in Grass Valley, CA ( ) soaks the herbs in organic olive oil, organic safflower oil, organic sesame oil and castor oil for 6-8 weeks and then hand-pressed them to extract the oil. Ingredients: Cinnamon (Gui Zhi/Rou Gui), Fennel (Xiao Hui Xiang), Peach Seed (Tao Ren), Safflower (Hong Hua), Myrrh (Mo Yao), Angelica (Du Huo/Bai Zhi), Clematis (Wei Ling Xian), Impatientis (Tou Gu Cao), Aconite (Cao Wu/Chuan Wu), Notopterigium (Qiang Huo), Lycopodium (Shen Jin Cao).

Shakti Enterprises is offering Flying Dragon Liniment in both 2oz and 4oz bottles.

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