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Drain Dampness (Hoelen Five Herbal Supplement)

Drain Dampness (Hoelen Five Herbal Supplement)

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Drain Dampness is an ancient formula traditionally known as Wu Ling San. It is for problems with water metabolism. An accumulation of water produces edema, and sensations of heaviness. There may be congested fluids below the naval causing pulsations, or congestions of fluids in the lungs causing coughing. Due to the excess water the digestive system is disrupted which may cause vomiting and/or diarrhea.

1. Diuretic, diaphoretic.

2. Primary indications are edema, difficulty in urination, sensation of heaviness.

3. Secondary considerations are thirst, headaches, vomiting, foamy saliva, pulsations below the naval.

90 tablets, 750 mg

Dosage: 3 tablets, 3 times per day (between meals) or as prescribed by your Practitioner.

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