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Berberine Plus

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Berberine has been developed in China as a remedy for excess conditions of the blood, such as high blood sugar, high blood lipids, and high blood pressure (associated with excess fluids in the blood).

Berberine is the main yellow-colored alkaloid found in several Chinese herbs, primarily in phellodendron and coptis used for clearing heat excess. Berberine is a mild alkaloid with a good safety profile, and is commonly used in dosages of about 1 gram per day.

As is the case for phellodendron, berberine can be used in cases of deficiency heat.

In the formulation, herbs that aid in the treatment of excess blood conditions have been added in order to enhance the specific desired effects of berberine.

For example, rehmannia is commonly used to aid in lowering blood sugar; salvia and pueraria promote blood circulation, lower blood pressure, and help reduce blood lipids.

To obtain a high enough dose of the salvia active components in the recommended 2-3 tablets per day of this formula, a special extract with 10% tanshinones has been included (to obtain additional salvia, Pine mountain dan shen pian may be taken along with this formula).

84 tablets - 1000mg/each

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