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Astra Isatis (Astragalus & Isatis Herbal Supplement)

Astra Isatis (Astragalus & Isatis Herbal Supplement)

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Astra Isatis combines Isatis (Da Qing Ye/Ban Lan Gen), an herb with strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, with Qi, Yin and Yang tonics. The formula is designed for patients with weak constitutions who are prone to many infections. The cooling and warming properties of the herbs are balanced in Astra Isatis to provide long-term therapy for chronic viral infections which tend to exhaust the Qi and Yang. The formula contains herbs that help calm an overactive metabolism and inhibit the agitating effects of pathogenic organisms. It includes spleen and kidney tonic herbs chosen for their immune enhancing properties and their ability to reduce inflammations.

Astra Isatis serves as an immune system tonic for chronic viral infections and inflammations accompanied by fatigue, facial flushing, agitation, and lymphatic swelling. Useful for chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes simplex, HIV, hepatitis.

90 tablets, 650 mg

Dosage: 3 capsules, 3 times per day - or as recommended by your Practitioner

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