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Yin Essentials

Yin Essentials

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Yin Essentials is a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs and bio-nutritionals have been utilized specifically for the support of those activities that occur in the yin time of night. As a supplement it can provide nutrition to those particular areas that are especially performing their nightly duty. A major component for healthy yin, or nightime activities is the ability to get a good night's sleep. This formulation has a wonderful calming effect that promotes a consistent pattern of quality sleep.

For insomnia, stress, overwork, mental agitation, poor memory, difficult to concentrate, dream disturbed sleep, feeling of unrest, and body slow to recuperate. Use as a dietary supplement, take two (2) tablets dinner and two (2) tablets at bedtime. Each 1400mg tablet contains: a complete supplementary of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and bio-nutritionals developed to provide a balance and complete form of nutrition. Package: 120 tablets per bottle.

The Major Uses of Yin Essentials:

  • Enhance the body's restorative abilities - During sleep the body is working towards restoring and mending the damage acquired throughout the day. Yin Essentials helps enhance this process by getting the most benefit from a night's sleep.
  • Promote restful sleep - A calm mind is essential for good nights rest. Yin Essentials takes advantage of the minds calming and tranquilizing function by using a powerful combination of Chinese Herbs, vitamins, and minerals in order to help promote restful sleep.
  • Promote homeostasis - Yin Essentials is developed to support the body's normal regulatory functions and to enhance the body's ability to obtain a consistence of healthy organ interaction thus promoting and preserving homeostasis.
  • Reduce free radicals - This unique blend contains powerful natural anti-oxidants which work with the body to scavenge free radicals. Free radicals are considered to be a detriment to health and longevity.
  • Promote immunity - By promoting healthy sleep and regulating organ functions, the immune system can more effectively "rise to the occasion" in terms of immune response time, normalizing antibody levels, and keeping a sufficient white blood cell count.

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