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Yang Essentials

Yang Essentials

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Yang Essential is a blend of various vitamins, minerals, herbs, and bio-nutritionals have been utilized specifically for the support of those activities that occur in the day. As a supplement it can provide nutrition and restoration to those particular areas that are taxed during the day. A major component for healthy Yang, or day-time activity, is the increased energy levels, enhanced immune system support, enhanced cognitive function and anti-oxidant protection.

For fatigue, lowered immunity, poor concentration, weak appetite, and a tendency towards depression. Use as a dietary supplement, take two (2) tablets with breakfast and two (2) tablets at lunchtime. Each 1400mg tablet contains: a complete supplementary blend of 11 vitamins, 9 minerals, 9 herbs, and 9 bio-nutritionals for the support of the body's daytime fuctions and activities. Package: 120 tablets per bottle.

The Major Uses of Yang Essentials:

  • Adaptogenic Action - The body has to work hard to keep it's homeostasis in spite of many environmental and emotional stresses. By providing support to the body's ability to adapt to stress, there is a promotion of health and possibly longevity.
  • Increase Energy - Fatique is a major problem common to many people and has a direct effect on the quality of life. Yang Essentials is effective to increase energy in order to combat tiredness.
  • Strengthen Immunity - Yang Essentials helps to increase and regulate the body's immune response, improve it's adaptogenic function, increase antibody activity, and help increase the white blood cell count.
  • Enhance Cognitive Function - Helps to provide the brain with proper blood circulation, optimize oxygen absorption, and provide stimulation to the nervous system.

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