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Men's Formulas (Man's Treasure)

Men's Formulas

Man’s Treasure was devised after an extensive review of formulas used to treat both impotence and male infertility, which often include the same ingredients. The patent remedies available in China are of interest in this regard because the Chinese have long produced over-the-counter remedies for impotence, especially for lowered sexual response associated with aging. Examples are Haima Bushen Wan (Seahorse Kidney Tonifying Pills) and Hailong Bu Wan (Pipefish Tonic Pills), as well as this formula\’s namesake, Nan Bao (Man\’s Treasure). Each of those formulas is comprised of a large number of yang tonic herbs. Man\’s Treasure includes the yang tonics cistanche, morinda, cuscuta, astragalus seed, cynamorium, epimedium, psoralea, and allium seed. This is balanced by the the yin nourishing herbs lycium fruit, asparagus, and rehmannia. Treatments have been devised for common male infertility problems including low sperm count and reduced sperm motility, and many of them have these kidney tonic herb ingredients. Since male infertility has become a significant health concern, the ingredients of the infertility formulas were given some priority in the design of Man\’s Treasure (this would not affect normal fertility, but only impaired fertility). In cases of autoimmune-based infertility, a formula for inhibiting yin deficiency is often used instead (example: Tortoise Shell Tablets or Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan, Pine Mountain). Man\’s Treasure may be used as a daily supplement in conjunction with occasional use of modern drugs for ED. For additional tonification, Pantosterone (White Tiger) provides the additional kidney tonic deer antler and the hormone precursor DHEA, which may be converted to testosterone when the blood level of the latter is low.

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