Sun Ten Herbs Corporation
Sun Ten Herbs is the largest manufacturer of Chinese herbs in the U.S. and one of the largest in the world. Their state of the art manufacturing facility in Irvine California produces pure and superior quality single herbs, and classical formulas in capsules, tablets, and granules. The Sun Ten products bring the ancient, time tested herbal formulas to the modern world.

Sun Ten carries the most extensive line of traditional Chinese herbal formulas in the states and abroad. The Practitioners and Patients we serve assert consistent and effective results from the products. Sun Ten Herbs specially trains team members in the field to select only the highest quality raw materials. Along with the Traditional Formulas, Sun Ten offers two other lines: Healthy & Natural and Probotanixx. Probotanixx is a line of 39 herbal formulas which address the most common ailments of contemporary lifestyles. The classical formulas of Sun Ten are recognizable to all Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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SKU: SL-749
Insomnia restless sleep anxiety palpitations and night sweats. (90 tabs)
SKU: GI-335
Poor digestion bloating due to food stagnation excess gas belching gastric discomfort and pain. (90 tabs)
SKU: ME-523
Menopausal disturbances including hot flashes mood swings etc. (90 tabs)
SKU: IM-401
Immunodeficiency disorders susceptibility to illness such as cold and flu - Enhances immune function. (120 tabs)
SKU: VA-841
Angina pectoris cardiovascular disease and occlusive cerebrovascular disease - Inhibits platelet hyper-aggregation. (120 tabs)
SKU: BO-163
Bone fracture degeneration of bone osteoporosis and poor calcium absorption (90 tabs)
SKU: GL-325
Hypoglycemia decreased vitality poor appetite dizziness and general weakness. (60 tabs)
SKU: HB-345
Hypertension/high blood pressure hyperthyroidism epilepsy and vertigo. (120 tabs)
SKU: CR-201
High blood cholesterol and/or triglyceride levels - Inhibits cholesterol absorption. (120 tabs)
SKU: CO-195
Common cold marked by chills nasal congestion headache neck stiffness and watery phlegm. (60 tabs)
SKU: CO-197
Common cold influenza or upper respiratory infection marked by fever sore throat and yellowish sticky phlegm. (60 tabs)
SKU: MU-543
Muscle spasms in the limbs abdomen and back; smooth muscle spasms of the stomach and intestine. (90 tabs)
SKU: WT-907
Weight reduction formula appetite control high cholesterol and triglyceride levels constipation and intestinal detoxification. (120 tabs)
SKU: AR-125
Arthritis rheumatoid arthritis swollen and/or stiff joints and associated pain. (90 tabs)
SKU: AR-127
Arthritis or rheumatoid arthritis accompanied by low energy and fatigue. (90 tabs)
SKU: HA-341
Tension headache, vascular headache, trigeminal neuralgia and migraine. (60 tabs)
SKU: DI-221
Edema difficult urination and retention of urine. (60 tabs)
SKU: AS-135
Asthma bronchitis and influenza marked by chills and profuse watery phlegm. (90 tabs)
SKU: LI-485
Weakness or injury to muscles ligaments tendons and connective tissue - Sports rehab/recovery formula.
SKU: LI-487
General weakness of muscles ligaments tendons and connective tissue accompanied by low energy and fatigue. (90 tabs)